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Going Green and CNG

We breathe and live on going green and the future of our Garden State, so why not write about some of the core principles that fuels this South Jersey Waste Management company. Get advice, articles, our green initiatives, recycling, and our conversion into Compressed Natural Gas.

11 Useful Tips for Saving Energy

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Dec 06 Going Green

Power NJ1. Insulate your home

If you are living in an older abode ensure you have effective insulation in your walls, under floor-boards and in the attic. This will reduce the amount of heat that is lost, keeping your home warmer and drier -saving electricity and money in the long term.

2. Install energy efficient appliances

Read the energy star rating of any device or appliance before you purchase it. Do your research and compare models, there is almost double the usage between some washing machine models! Never buy more than you need, for a professional couple there is little need for a 10kg washing machine - think practically.

3. Change your light bulbs

Install CFL lightbulbs wherever you can, they use 70% less energy than a standard bulb and last 7 times as long!

4. Reduce your power bill with smart meters

Smart meters are installed in many homes around New Zealand. They give you real-time information on how your energy use affects your energy costs so you can reduce your power bill and help the environment. Install a smart meter in your home and start making more informed decisions about your power usage.

5. Air dry your washing

Not only does air-drying protect your clothing, it also reduces your electricity bill. Clothes dryers put a huge demand on energy use and most of the time it is unnecessary. Use a washing line outside or a drying rack - this will also make your clothes smell fresher.

6. Switch everything off at the wall

Phantom loads are responsible for most of the wasted energy in the average family home. Whenever an appliance is on standby it is using electricity. Cellphone, laptop and console chargers that are left plugged in also drain energy - even though they aren’t in use. Switch your devices off at the wall and watch your electricity bill plummet! This goes for microwaves and ovens too.

7. Reduce the temperature of your hot water cylinder

Many people set the temperature of their hot water cylinder too high. The ideal setting is 60°C. It is important that the water in the cylinder is this hot to kill bacteria such as legionella but higher temperature settings only increase your power bill and can scald you (it only takes one second at 70°C).

8. Walk to the store

Find yourself needing milk? Before you reach for the car keys and open the garage door think of the time, gas and money you are wasting on a simple bottle of milk. Instead, grab your walking shoes and take a stroll to the store. It’s great for your health and it’s energy-efficient too. Even better, if you can walk to work or school a couple of times a week his will help too.

9. Take advantage of free warmth

Well, apart from the sun there is no such thing as free warmth - but you can save a few dollars by switching off that heater and popping on some warmer clothes, shutting the drapes and closing doors and windows.

10. Landscape for energy efficiency

It’s a great idea to plant trees in areas that will provide shade during the hotter months, but allow the sun to warm your home during the cooler months. Deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves in autumn) fit this role nicely. They will protect your home from the summer sun, but allow the heat in during winter.

11. Get everyone involved

It is much easier to be energy efficient if the whole family or work place is involved. Run competitions and prizes for the most energy-saving individual and get kids as involved as possible. If you work together you will see a difference in your electricity bills in not time!

Author Bio: Jessica Best is a featured writer for the site Arc Innovations, where you can find information about advanced metering and smart meter services.

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